It’s been quite some time since I’ve been to a decent holiday. Went really deep into my workaholism last couple of years. Though, once we landed on the island that wild concept of vacation started to make sense again. The combination of blues, aquas, turquoise, distant mountains and the flora make landscape just magical. Where’s the camera?! I’ll shoot anything!

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A cruise to Gramvouza and Balos. Big ship, a thousand folks, the crowd from the ferry flooding the sights was wild. Should’ve gone to Balos by car. Oh well…

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A full day trip to Samaria Gorge. It’s a 2 hour bus ride from Castelli to the highest point in the mountains. Then a 5 hour walk down the gorge until you land at the sea level in small and remote Agia Roumeli. Just don’t forget to try a goat at the local taverna. Then you catch a ferry to Paleohora and from there a bus to Kissamos. It was a really fun day.

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There’s a story behind this one. I went for a walk to shoot streets of Kissamos. Right after this picture a greek lady tapped me on my shoulder – ‘Hey, what are you taking pictures of? Isn’t this street ugly?’.I said I’ve been looking for something more real than that touristic part of town. Local culture and simple life is what draw my attention right now.’ She told me to go to see Chania. She promised that town will be worth visiting if I’d like to see life on the street.

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We went for a road trip to Elafonisi Beach with an american lady who came to Crete in 1985 and decided to just stay there forever. She learned greek and assmilated to local society. I was curious about all aspects of living on the island, economic situation, everyday problems, how people make ends meet and so on. And she knew a lot and was eager to talk. She had plenty of amazing stories about people she heppened to meet. I asked if she’s ever going to go back to States. ‘Do you see any reason for me to ever leave the island?’ – she replied. I see her point exactly and you can see it in her eyes.

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Last day we went to Chania. I really regret we didn’t spend more time there. The old market is spectacular, especially after dark. Yeah it’s touristic, so what. It’s so colorful and so lively. Just make sure you don’t go spending all your bucks at souvenir shops and restaurants. People jumping at you from each and every place yelling ‘Sir, I have a table for you! One drink, just one drink!’ can be pain in the ass.

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… and so I gave in and we sat down for some drinks. Waiters’ efforts pay off apparently. Troubadours went on with their music. It was pretty nice actually. Chania however wonderful, no street life shots though – too little time.

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