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Surfing, Morocco

Coming to Taghazout or Tamraght it’s the surf you are most probably looking for. Laid back coastal villages where surfing business is blooming. Outstanding climate conditions make it possible to surf every month of the year. Summer is easier for casual surfers with not too big waves. Huge swell in the winter draws attention of a more hardcore kind of guys.

There was not too much surf on location that day. Not to worry, as the locals say, there is always a spot to surf at the moroccan atlantic coast.

Are you going to Imsouane with us, Matt? 40 minute drive, swell is good, long right-handers.

Why the hell not? – I say.

Imsouane is a fishermen village. Nothing more than a couple of bars, surf shops and fishing boats. And how do you order a fish in Imsouane? First you go to the fish market. You look for a tuna you like, some sardines and you make a deal. Then you take all the fish to a bar and they cook it for you. Don’t bother with plates or forks. There is paper on the tables and they just throw the fish on the paper along with bread and vegetables. Eating with hands. The best fish I ate in my entire life. Joseph showed us how to do it.

A story I heard. There was a guy who came to Imsouane around seven years ago looking for surf. There was no electricity then. He built a hut and launched his surfing spot. Now the village is still slow and remote but surfers from around the world hang out in bars, at the beach, hunt for waves. I admire this kind of spirit, it can really change things.

Some of the guys went diving at the Devil’s Rock early in the morning. When we got to the beach it turned out they already secured the dinner for that day. Octopus was alive and breathing. That’s how fresh fruits des mer should be.

The camp in Tamraght is GoSurf Morocco. There are some more camps and for sure some good ones as well but GoSurf was perfect for me. They treat you like family providing anything you might need to experience surfing every day. They go with you wherever the conditions are. True professionals. And they’ve got the best cook for traditional moroccan tajine and couscous. Still not convinced? Check out Elsa and Joseph having some fun time on the waves right here. I will visit again, I just have to.